Ashet Chayal
Ashet Chayal $22
The new "Hebrew Baby Collection" comes in light pink. sizes NB,3-6M,6-12M,12-18M,24M
Produced in Israel
Produced in Israel $22
"Produced in Israel" Hebrew Baby Collection presents our number one Israeli baby shirt. Comes in baby pink/baby blue/off white NB,3-6M,6-12M,12-18M,18-24M,24M
"Bat Melach" $22
"Daughter of the King" Hebrew Baby Collection 100% Organic cotton Onsies for your Hebrew Baby
Thank God for making me a woman
Thank God for making me a woman $28
Ayala is wearing our newest shirt. We have been selling this in Israel all summer. Israelis as well as Tourists from around the world have chosen this as their absolute favorite.
Bnei Yisroal
Bnei Yisroal $22
Baby Shalhevet is wearing “Bnei Yisroal”, which translates to "Children of Israel”, printed on a long-sleeved Onesie.
Tzadik $22
Joseph is wearing a white T-shirt with “Tzadik” written on it which translates to “Holy One”.
Bnei Yisroal
Bnei Yisroal $22
Akiva ia wearing "Bnei Yisroal" which translates to "Children of Israel".
Tikun Olam
Tikun Olam $28
Shmuel is wearing “Tikun Olam” which translates to “Fixing the World” or “Rectification of the World”.
Kabbalah Red String Bracelet with The Evil Eye pendant
Kabbalah Red String Bracelet with The Evil Eye pendant $7
This red string bracelet is said to ward off the Evil Eye. Each Bracelet $7
Kabbalah Red String Bracelet
Kabbalah Red String Bracelet $7
Kabbalah Red String Bracelet with Star of David clasp, each Bracelet-7$
"Matok Kmo Dvash" $22
"Sweet Like Honey" A Rosh Hashanna shirt to be worn all year round!
"Ba L'Shcoonah Bachor Chadash" $22
"There is a New Boy in Town"
Tzadikah $22
Shalhevet is wearing Tzadikah. It is the femine word for rightous one. "A rightous little girl". Instead of "Jewish American Princess" your little Jewess could be wearing the holy "Tzadikah" shirt in light pink. It is available in Onesies and Tshirts. Size newborn until 4 year old girl.
Thank God for making me a Woman
Thank God for making me a Woman $22
Ayala is modeling a White Cooking Apron. 100% cotton white apron. A must have for all those happy Jewish woman who love to spend hours in their Kosher Kitchens brewing up extraordinary Kosher delights.
Don't Assimilate, Illuminate!
Don't Assimilate, Illuminate! $28
Michal grew up in Israel. She lives and breathes every day of her life in Hebrew. She is not faced with the problem of Assimilation. She is a Rabbis daughter and a shinning light unto the Jewsih people. Wear this shirt and show the World You are proud to be Jewish!
Yesh Chalav?
Yesh Chalav? $22
Yishai is wearing “Yesh Chalav?” which translates to “Got Milk?”.
Kabbalah $28
Ayala is wearing a black long-sleeved T-shirt with “Kabbalah” written in Hebrew.
Shema Yisroal
Shema Yisroal $28
Chana is wearing "Shema Yisroal". "Hear O Israel." This is what every Jew has on the tip of their lips. The Shema reminds of of the One Unique God in the Universe.
don't assimilate, illuminate.
“Tikun Olam” 100% Organic Eco-Bag
“Tikun Olam” 100% Organic Eco-Bag $28
This bag is 100% Organic Cotton made by the Eco-Bag Company; one of the first Companies interested in saving the planet. I have combined their philosophy with the Hebrew saying "Tikun Olam" which translates to “Fix the World”. It is a strong large bag. 19 inches in width; 15 inches in height.
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"Ha Yelda Achee Yaffa BaGan" $22
"The Prettiest Girl in her class" Hebrew Baby Collection presents the sweetest little baby Onsie and it is 100% Organic Cotton.
Nes Gadol Haya Po
Nes Gadol Haya Po $22
"A great miracle happened here" Hebrew Baby Collection Chanukah shirt. comes in baby pink/baby blue and white NB,3-6M,6-12M,12-18M,24M
"Ben Melach" $22
Son of a King! Hebrew Baby Collection available in a white Onesie with dark blue writing.
"Ashet Chayal" Apron $22
Mirav is wearing an "Ashet Chayal" Apron- $18 This white "Ashet Chayal" apron is perfect for Shabbat. Translates to "Woman of Valour". 100% cotton. One size fits all.
Bnei Yisroal
Bnei Yisroal $28
Chaya Bracha is wearing a long-sleeved black T-Shirt with “Bnei Yisroal” ,which translates to “Children of Israel” in white ink.
Shema Yisroal
Shema Yisroal $22
Yishai is wearing Shema Yisroal..."Hear O Israel" This shirt comes in grey with blue long sleeves. Soft comfortable cotton for all year round.
Bat Melach
Bat Melach $28
Achishenna is wearing a “Bat Melach” long-sleeved T-shirt. Which translates to “Daughter of the King”.
Babel $28
Yenon is wearing a T-shirt which we have entitled “Babel”. This design shows off the intricate beauty of the Hebrew Letter's.
“Tikun Olam” 100% Cotton White Bag
“Tikun Olam” 100% Cotton White Bag $14
This is a very simple 100% Cotton White Bag. It is half the size of our Natural Eco-bag yet just as strong. It is perfect for the beach or the pool or a trip to the library. It fits a standard size notebook and is a fun light weight bag that folds up real small and can go just about anywhere. Enviorment Friendly. Go Green!

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